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CaviMax supports circular economies and is a company that values the environment, can see that there are multiple challenges that face our growing society and want to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

The biogas sector is one renewable energy industry that has a lot to offer in the next generation energy production portfolio, the CaviMax is an innovation that lets current and new operators access lower cost, high lignin feedstocks, process previously unusable tough fiberous and undigestible materials and/or increase their plant efficiencies to help steer anaerobic digestion towards being a free standing industry in the face of ever changing subsidies and feed in tariffs.

Not only that but we have been running our own and consulting on other people's anaerobic  plants for many years now, we are on the side of the biogas plant operator and understand the skill of achieving maximum gas for your feedstock as daily operators. We have  seen and personally experienced the good, the bad and the ugly and know how to bring a poorly performing anaerobic digestion plant back to profitability as well as maxing your biogas production when running well.

For the bigger picture, process intensification is one of the solutions to improve efficiencies and increase sustainability of a variety of processes and industries across the board.

So having found a really clever device, made by equally clever people, we want to share it with more like minded folk, who also want to work smarter not harder.

Don’t just take our word for it, come see the demonstration CaviMax in action on a biomethane plant in Scotland or send us a sample to cavitate with our CaviLab to see what biogas/process uplift you could expect through using controlled hydrodynamic caviation. If you like what you see, book a try before you buy trial, we want the machine to speak for itself and to provide a great service for maximum customer satisfaction.