Welcome to CaviMax - Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology

Hydrodynamic cavitation technology for biogas plants

CaviMax is the machine; controlled hydrodynamic cavitation is the means to maximising the potential of your biogas plant. By installing one in your plant you could increase your biogas yield by up to 20% (we've achieved biomethane uplifts of between 10% and 56% depending on the positioning of the machine and the substrates and feedstocks) and utilise previously unusable feedstocks.

Finally unlock the energy potential of straw, grass and high lignin feedstocks, secondary sewage sludges, food  waste streams, treat recalcitrant materials and troubleshoot problem floating layers.

This is a plug & play inline process intensification device – no additional chemicals needed, install and away you go.

THE machine for decarbonisation / sustainability / circular economies / pollution control / process intensification

As we say....Get more bang for your buck...fit a CaviMax 

This photo shows uncavitated material on the left and cavitated material on the right, as can be seen particle sizes are drasically reduced.

Quite simply pre-treating biomass improves the digestion process, by how much depends on the feedstock and the treatment.

Processes using physical, biological, chemical and thermal forces or a mixture of these, aid organic break down of the feedstock(s).

Hydrodynamic cavitation in the CaviMax harnesses extreme fluid dynamic pressures that cause particle disintegration and cell disruption.

The CaviMax can break down recalcitrant materials into a flowing mass, aiding microbiological access to the cellular juices, and is capable of enabling the use of high lignin feedstocks.

The greatest biogas % increase is achieved through treating recalcitrant materials that are indigestible, unusable and the energy usually wasted or inaccessible.

We can carry out cavitation of prospective feedstocks to see if they are viable and what what biogas uplift you can expect with a CaviMax, before and after cavitation samples are then sent to an independant accredited laboratory for BMP (Biochemical Methane Potential) and gas composition analysis. This will provide data that can be used to calculate the payback period of the capital outlay. Please get in touch for a quote for this service.

Other ways to increase your biogas yield are to maximise the substrate flow by homogenising the liquid/solid matrix, reducing the tendency for larger particles to come out of suspension and form a floating layer.  

The CaviMax can be installed mid-process, either between digesters or positioned to treat a top layer of floating partially digested feedstock. 

Once passed through the CaviMax machine particles are considerably decreased in size, tightly bound together, increasing the surface area available to your bugs to feed on and a problem is quickly turned into a bonus of extra biogas yield.

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