CaviMax - ​ ​Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation ​Technology ​ 

Not just for BIOGAS PLANTS. You may ​already be in ​the know with ​regards to the ​power of ​controlled ​cavitation and ​how it can help ​your particular ​industry or ​physical/​chemical/​biological/​nano ​process, if not then follow these 4 steps.​..

  • Step 1:- do a ​web search with ​the words ​Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation plus the name of ​what you are ​doing i.e.. ​waste water ​treatment, ​beer making, biodiesel production, bioresource processing, ​oil desulphurisation, gene therapy ​targeting, desalination, yogurt ​processing, ​paint mixing or ​COD reduction ​or whatever you want to ​do
  • Step 2:- get ​excited about ​Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation and ​what it can do ​for you because ​there are so ​many papers out ​there with ​favorable to ​outstanding ​results ​
  • Step 3:- ​contact us to ​discuss the ​hire of our ​laboratory ​scale ​CaviLab to test ​your hypothesis ​for your ​particular ​situation and ​aims, do some ​R&D - our ​favorite  ​
  • Step 4:- if ​you achieve the ​results you are ​looking for, ​and are ​suitably ​impressed by ​the process ​uplift achieved ​then proceed to ​scaled up ​industrial ​sized cavitator

NB:- please ​note the ​CaviMax ​produces ​Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation not ​Acoustic ​Cavitation - ​both are viable ​cavitation ​bubble ​technologies ​but Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation is ​more efficient ​when scaled up, producing more powerful shockwaves with less energy input -​ this is a ​process ​intensification ​technology ​which increases/​intensifies/​speeds up the ​rate of ​reactions ​leading to ​decreased ​energy and raw ​materials usage ​and targeted ​manipulating of ​chemicals. ​

Thanks for ​reading, share ​this info ​and when ​you are in a ​position to ​evaluate new ​technologies ​and techniques ​that will ​provide ​substantial ​carbon savings ​and increased ​profit, then ​please get ​in touch, we ​love running ​cost benefit ​analyses to ​show how you ​can save money ​and provide ​environmental ​benefit (​through either ​using less ​materials, ​cleaning up ​your effluent ​or both) at the ​same time -​  ​please include ​Hydrodynamic ​Cavitation in ​your innovative ​technology ​evaluations. ​

We are based ​in Dorset in ​the United ​Kingdom but are ​happy to serve ​the world. ​


We are devising a list of scientific papers, webpages, links to abstracts of papers to purchase and books, and any content that is freely available on the internet that substantiate claims we’ve made regarding the CaviMax so that you may do your own research on the subject of hydrodynamic cavitation and come to your own conclusions (we've made a start on the biogas industry below further industries to follow)

The below list of reading material will be by no means exhaustive, should you find anything you think may be of interest please share with us via our contacts page. The science of hydrodynamic engineering which harnesses the tremendous forces yielded by cavitation bubble collapse is exciting business, it's on a journey to fully understanding and realising its potentials, spanning across multiple industries, providing the much needed savings in efficiencies for our worldwide carbon targets, but also playing a vital role in cleaning up any pollution that we have inadvertently left in our wake.

Therefore, papers are being written constantly as each industry becomes aware of hydrodynamic cavitation and wonder how they can apply it to their sector to tap into the potential feedstock savings, process boosting and waste pollution combating properties.


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We have been asked by customers for videos and animations regarding cavitation so here you are. Some of these videos demonstrate the destructive forces of cavitation and the problems caused by it, what hydrodynamic cavitation does is control these destructive forces by getting the cavitation event to happen where we want it to. This is done by manipulating the liquid flow rate and obstruction shape and size, enabling the bubble collapse energy to be discharged into a flowing medium rather than on the surface of the metal.  Hence the term – Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation.

A series of short clips showing the effects of cavitation bubble collapse in a variety of sectors and for various use

Hydrodynamic cavitation reactor/extractor (ROTOCAV) 3d simulation of the rotor in the CaviMax  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmNVPlmJA54

Implosive cavitation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g7Sf2OaVIk

Cavitation bubbles bursting with cleaning power - Science Nation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mceZ3Ep20AQ

Particle size reduction   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-nvhK1SfnQ  

EcoWater CHC Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBSJHMfwNL0

Cavitation - Purifying Water with Ultrasound | Tomorrow Today  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcqCgge_Fxs


Longer clips showing lectures explaining cavitation

Cavitation - Easily explained!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-uUYCFDTrc

Cavitation causes and effects  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRYYP4F8LTU